Back to School Gifts

Tomorrow is my first day back to school.  I have been busy setting up my classroom, going to professional development trainings, and trying to plan for my first week of school.  I made some back to school gifts for my students.  I got the labels from Primarily Speaking.  She has them made for many grades.

Here is another gift I made for my students.  I have a first and second grade combination class so I thought we could take a little break and blow bubbles.  You can get the labels from First Grade with a Cherry on Top. 
Here is a view of the gifts on my dining room table.  I  have school stuff all over the house.  Now it is time to start packing it into my car and bringing it to school. 
Hope everyone has a terrific school year!


  1. LOVE your gifts ideas! Thank you for sharing where they came from... your kiddos will love em! Have a great first day tomorrow!

    Miss V's Busy Bees

  2. Cute back to school treats!!!