21 Back to School Freebies for First and Second Grade

Back to School is just around the corner for me.  I thought I would help you start your school year off with a bunch of freebies to use in your classroom.  You can download the first-day resource with clickable links at the bottom of this post.

Here are some amazing resources for Back to School Night.  I have been using these resources for years and makes my life so much easier.  I give parents the Reading at Home letter to stress the importance of reading.  I use the Back to School PowerPoint to introduce myself and the classroom rules to parents.  The best part is that they are all FREE!

My students are always shy on the first day of school.  I love playing Find a Friend Scavenger Hunt.  It has pictures to help students that have difficulty reading.  It gets the students up and moving.  I give them the word search so I can take attendance.  

My friend Shannon from Life Between Summer has a letter to encourage kindness.  It encourages students to wear a T-shirt with a positive message.  This is a great way to promote social and emotional well-being in your classroom.  I put up the amazing work signs so I don't have an empty bulletin board.  My students love looking for their name.

Back to School FREEBIES

 Here are some more fun activities to keep your students busy.  
 The first few weeks of school I like to give back lots of positive reinforcement.  It is important for students to know that you care and make them feel safe at school.  My students love the scratching to see what their reward is going to be such as first in line, choose a brain break, etc. 

Check out this spiral review morning work for first and second grade.  

  Here are a few more of my favorite free resources for you to check out.  Remember, the clickable link is at the bottom of this post.

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