Valentine's Day Activities, Ideas, and Freebies for the Classroom

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, so I thought I would share some of my favorite Valentine's Day ideas with you.

Free Monster Valentine's Day Cards

Valentines Freebie

I found these adorable FREE monster Valentines from Fun Squared.  I like that there is a wide assortment to choose from.

Love Bug Oreo Cookies

Everyone loves Oreo cookies.  I found these adorable Love Bug Cookies by  Sarah's Bake Studio.  They are cute and easy to make.  She makes the eyes, but I will definitely be buying the Wilton Candy Eye Balls. 

 Valentine's Day Directed Drawing

Valentine Animals
My students enjoy doing directed drawings.  We always practice before we start drawing with oil pastels.  If this is your first time doing directed drawings, I suggest having all of your students draw the same animal.    I highly recommend checking out Cassie Stephens for more art ideas.

Valentine's Day Art Project

Kindness hands

I love this project from Mrs. Pearce's Art Room.  The students fill the background with positive and kind words.  Then they trace their hand and cut out a heart.  This is a great way to promote kindness in the classroom.

Valentine's Math Freebie

FREE mental math worksheets for 2nd grade

Many of my students struggle with 10 more/10 less and 100 more/100 less.  I made these worksheets to help them with this concept.  I have an easy version and a more difficult one.  My students enjoy solving the math problems and then finding the answer to the riddles.  Grab your  FREE copy of Valentine's Day math riddles by clicking the sign below.

More or Less Math Worksheets for second grade

Contraction Worksheets and Videos

My students will be reviewing grammar skills this week.  I made these contractions worksheets with a winter theme.  Click on Snowy Contractions below for your FREE copy.

Grammar worksheets for second grade

Contraction Videos

Here are some of our favorite videos to watch for learning about contractions.

Grammar for second grade

Need more grammar resources?  Check out my Grammar Grab and Go in my TPT store.  It has 100 pages that are aligned with Common Core Standards.  Some of the skills covered in it are collective nouns, subject & predicate, reflexive pronouns, antonyms, prefixes, homophone, compound words, adverbs, adjectives, abbreviations, compound sentences, irregular plural nouns, plurals, and dictionary skills.

Grammar skills for primary grades

Winter Ideas, Activities, and Freebies for the Classroom

My students love playing in the snow.  I am busy planning activities around snow this week.  I am sharing with you some of my favorite winter ideas, activities, and freebies for the primary grades.

Directed Snowman Drawing

My students love to draw.  Here is an easy directed drawing of Olaf that I did with my students.  We drew Olaf with black crayon and use blue watercolor for the background. 
Winter Art Project

Winter Grammar Word Search Freebie

Word searches are fun and exciting for students! In this winter grammar word search resource, students identify the nouns, verbs, or adjectives in each sentence. Then, they find it in the word search. These are perfect for review or early finishers.

Grammar for Second Grade

Sneezy the Snowman

          My students love watching Aunie's House.  She does an amazing job reading the books!

Here is a great video explaining how snowflakes are formed.

Catching Snowflakes on you Tongue Freebie

       Head on over to A Year of Many Firsts for your Catching Snowflakes freebie.

Free Winter Craft

Winter Mystery Pictures

These winter math mystery pictures will help keep your students engaged and motivated while reviewing second-grade math skills. They can be used for homework, extra math practice, or for early finishers. Students will love discovering the mystery picture. There are a total of 10 mystery pictures.

Second math skills covered in this winter mystery picture set include:
2-Digit Addition & Subtraction
3-Digit Addition & Subtraction
Skip Counting
Balancing Equations
Mental Math

Snowman Riddles

    I need to do a quick 2-digit addition and subtraction review with regrouping with my students before going on to 3-digit addition and subtraction.  I like making math fun with these winter riddles.  Students discover the answers to each joke by solving 2-digit addition and subtraction problems with regrouping.

Winter Math Riddles