Opinion Writing: The Best Pet

My class has been busy writing opinions on which animal makes the best pet.  When we begin a unit of study, I like to read lots of books to my students so they get lots of ideas on a topic.  Then we do lots of brainstorming together and I model many times.

Opinion Writing:  The Best Pet

Here is a great video to introduce opinion writing.

I like to start the unit by reading the book, Write an Opinion! by Kristen McCurry.  It is a great way to introduce what an opinion is.  We continue reading other books for ideas on what makes a good pet.  After brainstorming ideas, my students fill in their graphic organizers and begin their rough draft.  Click on the picture below for your free copy of the graphic organizer and writing paper.

Free writing paper                               Free Graphic Organizer                                                      
I have included links to my favorite books to use when teaching opinion writing unit of study. (contains affiliate links)  Click on the book and it will take you to Amazon.