Celebrating President's Day in the Classroom

My students love learning about the presidents and American symbols.  Here is a drawing of George Washington.  I hate to admit it, but my students can draw better than me.

Here is a great video on George Washington from Scholastic.  Click here to watch it.

My students loved hearing all the interesting facts of the various presidents in this video. 


As we learn about each American symbol or president, we put our papers into a folder.  They love adding papers to their folder.

I gave my students review sheets for homework this week.  It reviews many second grade skills such as counting money, telling time, addition and subtraction with regrouping, contractions, and plurals. Click on the picture of the second grade review for your FREE copy.

President's Day worksheets

Spiral review for second grade

Second grade spiral review

 Here are a few pictures from the So. Cal. Blogger Tea hosted by the lovely Katie Knight.  The food was amazing and it was great to meet so many wonderful bloggers.  

February Ideas and Freebies

Here are some ideas for the month of February.  I hope you can use some of these ideas and activities in your classroom.

                                                     Valentine's Day Ideas 

My students are learning how to count money.  Here is a Valentine's Day counting money Freebie that I made a few years ago.  You can get your FREE copy of the Valentine's Day task cards by clicking here.

Counting Money Scoot Cards
 Valentine's Day Task Cards

If you need more money resources, check out my money unit.  Click on the preview for additional FREEBIES.

Second Grade Math
Counting Money for 2nd Grade

Here is a mental math freebie.

FREE 2nd Grade Math
 Mental Math for 2nd Grade

You can purchase the Valentine's Day Math in my TPT store.

Second Grade Math
Valentine's Day Math

Heartprints by P.K. Halliman is the perfect book for teaching about kindness.  It is similar to the book called Have You Filled A Bucket Today?  You can get the Valentine's Day Writing freebie by clicking here.

Valentine's Day Wrting

While I take attendance and lunch count, my students are busy with their morning work.  It is a spiral review of skills that I have already taught my students.  You can get FREE sample pages of my February morning work for second grade by clicking HERE.  You can buy the packet in my TPT store.

Free Spiral review for 2nd grade
                                                Morning Work for 2nd Grade

My early finishers  practice math facts on the computer using the free web site Xtra Math.  Xtra math is a great way for students to master math facts.  It sends a weekly email to me so I can see how each student is progressing.  

Roll and Cover is a fun way for my students to get more practice learning their addition math facts. Students roll two dice and find the sum.  They cover the sum on the board.  The first student to cover up all their numbers is the winner.  Click here for a copy of the Valentine's Day Roll and Cover.

Roll & Cover Dice Game
 Roll & Cover Dice Game

Valentine's Day math games

We are not suppose to give out candy at our school.  For Valentine's Day, I am giving my students bubbles.  You can buy them at Michael's or Target.  Target sells them in multi-colors.