Blogger of the Month: Meet Jackie

Check out our featured Blogger of the Month!  Every month we will be introducing you to an amazing second grade blogger.  Each blogger will share something about them and have a product on sale for a few days.  


This month, I would like you to meet Jackie from Neat, Sweet, and Hard to Beat.  Click on the picture to check out her blog.

She is the creator of This or That.  These cards are  a great way for students to learn more about their classmates.  You can have your students give two reasons why they chose their answer.  It is a great way to practice talking in complete sentences.

The Kissing Hand and a Freebie

I love reading the Kissing Hand by Audrey Penn on the first day of school. The Kissing Hand is a story about a little raccoon that doesn't want to go to school.  His mom assures him that he will like school and tells him about a family secret--the kissing hand.   My students made Chester and then wrote about how they felt on the first day of school.

I found this adorable label on Pinterest.  You can get the free Kissing Hand treat bag labels from Happy Teacher, Happy Kids.

I get tired of doing the same thing every year.  This year for birthdays I decided to fill up cups with a silly straw, finger lights, and a few pieces of candy.  I got the idea from Learning is Something to Treasure.  I purchased the cups from Amazon.  I got a set of 100 for $17.99.  Needless to say, I have cups for a few years.

I am always reviewing math and grammar skills with my students.   This gives me an informal assessment on which students need extra help from me.   My students complete morning work while I collect homework, take attendance, and lunch count.   You can get a few FREE sample pages in the PREVIEW in my store.

Second Grade Math

Spiral Review for 2nd grade