We have been learning about penguins these last two weeks.  I started the unit by introducing the students to penguins by using a PowerPoint I purchased from TPT.  This is an excellent PowerPoint created by Ryan Nygren.  It is very informative and has great illustrations.

I also used this freebie from JD Rockin' Readers. It is has many facts on penguins and a great resource for our research paper.

Here are a few of our favorite YouTube videos that we watched.



After researching and taking notes on penguins, the students wrote their reports and did an art project.

We finished our week by reading Tacky the Penguin and wrote in our retelling journal.

I just completed my Story Elements Flip Books.  It includes 5 winter theme books and 2 generic flip books that can be used with any book.  These flip books are engaging and motivating for students.  Click on the picture below and it will take you to my TPT store.

Winter Retelling Journals

My students having been busy reading winter stories.  We live in Southern California so if we get snow, it is a big treat!  This winter has been extremely warm so it doesn't look like we will be getting any snow this year.  We read The Mitten by Jan Brett and wrote in our retelling journal.

Next, we read the story called The Biggest, Best Snowman by Margery Cuyler. It is an adorable story where  a little girl is told she is too little to make a snowman.  With the help of her animal friends, she builds the biggest, best snowman and proves her family wrong.   We discussed with our partners the beginning, middle, and end of the story.  Once again, we  wrote in our retelling journals.

We ended our busy week making these adorable snowman which was a two day project.   I love the colors they used and they had a blast making them!  

Common Core Morning Work for Second Grade

My Common Core Daily Practice for Second Grade is my favorite review to use with my students.  This Common Core math and ELA morning work for 2nd grade is a great way to start the day for your students.  It helps keeps math and ELA skills fresh in your students' minds  These pages are designed for students to work independently to spiral math and ELA standards and skills learned throughout the year. It is great to use for morning work or homework. 

I created a little packet so you can get sample pages from my various packets that I created. Click on the picture of the Common Core Daily Math and ELA Freebie to get your free copy.  Please leave feedback.

Morning Work Freebie