MobyMax Giveaway

Have your heard of MobyMax?  I have been using it in my classroom for several weeks and love it!  MobyMax is a web-based Common Core Curriculum that assesses your students and then diagnoses areas of weakness. The best part of MobyMax is that it differentiates instruction based on the needs of each student.  MobyMax automatically assigns the appropriate lessons to target each student's missing skills.  

Here is a look at the dashboard when you sign in.
The student chooses a subject to work on or the teacher can give them assignments.

It is motivating because students earn a star for each practice set they complete.  After 10 stars, they earn a badge. Students also earn game time for correct answers.  Teachers have the flexibility to reward more game time, determine when students are allowed to play, or disable games if they choose.  For an additional incentive, I let my students go in the treasure box for every 5 badges they earn. 

As the child completes a lesson, it gives instant feedback.   Students learn instantly from their mistakes. 

Another great feature is that students can work on it at home and parents can check their child's progress.  This engages parent involvement.

In addition to being fun and engaging for students, MobyMax is easy to use for the teacher.  It allows teachers to set goals for students and to monitor their progress.  This feature is great for IEPs.  

It is only $99 for a year subscription with no limit to the number of students you can add to your roster.  The best part is MobyMax is giving away a free one-year subscription to one of my readers!! 

I will announce the winner on my Facebook page.

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  1. How exciting! I'm waiting on new computers to arrive in my classroom and can't wait to check this out!