Place Value Scarecrows and a Fall Freebie

We finished our place value unit in math and made these scarecrows.  This idea came from Bertha Acosta who has many great ideas and is a great addition to our second grade team.  I used it as a quick informal assessment to see which students needed additional support on this concept.


Mrs. Acosta's classroom theme is space so she made these adorable astronaut and aliens.  She bought some clip art and enlarged it for the students to color.  I like how she mounted it on blue paper so they would stand out better on the bulletin board.

I just finished creating Fall Math for Second Grade.  Some of the common core math skills covered in it are:
 10 more and 10 less
100 more and 100 less
telling time
comparing numbers ( 2-digit and 3-digit)
skip counting
place value
expanded form
number words
fact families
word problems
ordering numbers
counting money
simple addition and subtraction
adding 3 numbers
2-digit addition and subtraction
missing addends

Fall Math for second Grade

Here is a Fall Math Freebie for you to celebrate the new fall season. Click here for your fall freebie.

Free math for second grade

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  2. Thanks for the freebie, my higher level firsties will benefit from this! I love your place value crafts- very clever and cute.
    Creating a Thoughtful Classroom

  3. This is perfect! I'm teaching each of these concepts over the next month. Thank you for sharing your hard work!

  4. I love the scarecrow idea! We are working on place value right now as well as our bulletin board could use a little sprucing up! Do you have a template you used for that?

  5. Hi Shelly! Would it be possible to get a copy of the scarecrow template? I would greatly appreciate that =). Or is it available in your store? Let me know! Thanks a bunch =).


  6. My team would love to do the scarecrow project. Would you send me the template?

  7. Hi Shelly,
    I would really like to do the i expanding scarecrow. I could you please send me the the template.

  8. Hello! I would love to get the template as well! I've tried searching everywhere!! Could you send it to me please?

  9. Hello! I really like the scarecrow activity. Can you send me the template? My email is

  10. I love the Valentine Skip Counting game will you email it to me. Thanks!

  11. Could I have a template of the scarecrow? My second graders would love this craft!

  12. Would love the scarecrow template! Thanks!

  13. I would love the scarecrow template! thanks!

  14. I would also love the scarecrow template. Thanks so much!

  15. I would a copy of the scarecrow for 2nd graders. We are finishing up our place value unit this week!! Thanks so much😊

  16. We are finishing place value unit and would love to get the scarecrow template.


  17. I love this idea! We have Lunch N Learn next week. This would be a great activity to do with our parents. Could you please send me a copy of the scarecrow template? This would be perfect for the day! Thanks!

  18. I would love the plave value scarecrow template

  19. Could I please get a copy of the scarecrow template? Thanks!

  20. If you are willing to share, I would love a copy of the scarecrow template

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  22. If you are willing to share. I would love a copy of the scarecrow template. Thank you