Earth Day Freebies

My class has been busy learning how to take care of the Earth.  There are so many wonderful resources that I have found for my Earth Day Unit.  There is a great free Earth Day PowerPoint from TPT.  It is geared for older students but my students really enjoyed it.
We are busy making this Earth Day Lapbook from Diary of Not So Wimpy Teacher.   It has many foldables with a KWL chart and graphic organizer.  My district loves to see graphic organizers being used in our classrooms.  A PowerPoint presentation is also included in this terrific resource.
Here are a few great videos for Earth Day.


Another great freebie I found are these Earth Day Fold & Snip Books by A Teachable Teacher.  They are great
organizers for celebrating Earth Day in the primary classroom.
Here is a  FREE mini-book on protecting the Earth.   This mini-book includes information about recycling, picking up trash, compost bins, and planting new life by Education to the Core.
Krista Wallden from Creative Clips has FREE Earth Day Love Pencils to decorate newsletters or worksheets.
I created this Earth Day Freebie for you that includes Earth Day word problems, 3-digit addition & subtraction, pronouns, verbs, and adding the suffix "ing" to a word.  Click on the picture below to get your FREE Earth Day worksheets for second grade.
Classroom Freebies Manic Monday


  1. thanks for these different freebies. Lots of options.

  2. Thank you, Shelly! This are cute and helpful! I will be using these soon!

    i Heart Second

  3. Thank you! These are wonderful and perfectly timed! We need this practice :)

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