Money Word Problems

I just completed my Counting Money Madness packet.  It has many money word problems which are aligned with the Common Core Standard 2.MD.8--solving word problems involving dollar bills, quarters, dimes, nickels, and pennies.  This math resource also includes 4 sets of money task cards which are great to use in centers.  

You can get some free sample pages of counting money at the end of this post.  
teaching about money

teaching about money

Here are a few videos about money that my students enjoy watching.

teaching about money

Valentine's Math for Second Grade

I just posted my Valentine's Math for Second Grade onto TPT.  Just Print... then teach! This file contains 31 math pages for second grade.

Topics include:
3-digit addition and subtraction
mental math
word problems
telling time
skip counting
tally & graph
adding four 2-digit numbers
math facts
missing addends

Common Core Math and Language Arts for Second Grade

I just posted my February's Daily Practice for second grade.  This daily review is ideal to use for morning warm-up work, homework, or seatwork during Universal Access time. These skill sheets are designed to review Common Core math and language arts standards. The packets contains 34 math pages and 22 English Language Arts pages. Many of the math pages have 2 different versions to help differentiate learning and to better aligned with the math skills that you have taught in class.

Click on the Daily Practice below for your FREE SAMPLE PAGES.  You will need to click on preview for your sample pages.