Christmas Subtraction Word Problems with Unknown

My students have been busy solving word problems this last week.  They have been doing a super job on writing equations and solving them.  Click on the subtraction word problem picture for your copy.

We received a special gift from Santa this week.  Our principal hand delivered it to our room.  The students were so excited to see what was inside it.

Here he our elf watching the students work.  They have been really good since the elf has come to our classroom because they know that the elf goes to the North Pole and reports to Santa.

Our elf, Eric, has changed the background on our computers.  I can't wait to see my students reactions on Monday.
It is raining here in Southern California.  I am in the mood to do some baking.  I found this recipe on the internet and it looks delicious.  I love coconut and chocolate!  Click on the picture for the recipe.

 I am off to the grocery store to buy the ingredients for these brownies.

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  1. Love what you share! I will use the subtraction word problems this week. Thank you, thank you!

    I haven't brought little elfie into the classroom yet. I had trouble keeping up with it at home, so I'm not sure if I'd be consistent in the classroom. But I love your screen savers. That's amazing. I'm pinning the image to my Pinterest board just in case!

  2. Thanks so much!

  3. Thank-you for the subtraction word problems! Just what my kids need :)