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This is our second week of testing and I am exhausted!  By afternoon my students have a difficult time focusing.  I found  a new website for my students to use after testing.  It is called Arcademic Skill Builders and it is a free website.  It has games that are like an arcade video game.  The games are educational and provide fun repetition practice that enables the students automaticity in math facts.  Some of my students that are struggling with memorizing math facts have been playing alien addition which is pictured below.  I highly recommend checking them out.

Some students have been working on Meteor Multiplication.

We have also been playing Furious Frogs which is for antonyms, synonyms, and homonyms.


Happy Earth Day

My students have been learning how to take care of our Earth.  We did a writing activity and a quick art project to go with it.  I need to purchase more books to go with this unit.  Does anyone have any recommendations?

Click on the picture of the Earth Day writing paper for your free copy. 
I would love to hear what your class did for Earth Day!

Earth Day Counting Money Freebie

I am posting this in celebration of Earth Day which is on April 22.  It can be used either as a center or post the cards around the room and have the students walk around the room and fill in the recording sheet.  The adorable graphics are from Creative Clips and the money clip art is from 3am Teacher.   Click on the picture of the Earth Day money cards for your free copy.

Hope you are having a wonderful week!

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Counting Money

My class has been reviewing counting money this week.  For those who struggle with counting money, I teach them how to use touch dots.  I made three worksheets ranging from easy to more difficult to share with you.  Click on the Counting Money Freebie for a copy.

We also play games on our SMART Board for extra practice.  Making Cents by Lakeshore Learning is a game that my students enjoy playing.

Another good game for students to play on the computer is Coin Madness Addition from IXL.  It is a free game.  Click on the picture below to check it out.
Hope you have a wonderful weekend!
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Common Core Math Spiral Reviews

This school year is flying by!  It is hard to believe that state testing is just around the corner.  My second grade students are well prepared for the math section of the CST.  I believe this is due to all the spiral reviews that I do daily with my students.  Every morning my students complete a half sheet spiral review for math and English Language Arts.  Most of the questions are multiple choice and set up similar to state tests.  These spiral reviews are a great way to reinforce skills that I have previously taught my students.  If I see a student having difficulty with a certain standard, I work with them in a small group and reteach that standard. 

I like to use my math daily warm-ups for extra homework for my students. 

Click on the Daily Math Warm Up below for a sample.

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I would love to hear how you are getting your students ready for the state test.

Graphing Freebie

This week I will be reviewing math skills with my second graders and getting them prepared for the California State Test that we will be taking in a few weeks.  Today we will be reviewing how to read graphs.  We will review how to read tally marks, find range and mode, and analyze the data. 

                                        Clip art by DJ Inkers and Border by Creative Clips

Click on the picture of the graphing worksheet for your free copy.

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