Contractions Worksheet

This week my second graders have been working on contractions.  I made this anchor chart on contractions to share with you.  Click on the picture for your copy of the contraction anchor chart.

Click on the picture for a copy of the contractions worksheet.

Here is a great video for introducing contractions.

Classroom Freebies Manic Monday

My Super Sentence for February

I like to have my students write as much as possible.  They seem to take more pride in their work if they have fancy writing paper.  Click on the picture for your free copy of My Super Sentence for February..

Graphics by Debbie Candau
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I am making this a short post.  Hope you are enjoying your weekend!

Happy President's Day

Happy President's Day!  I have been busy reviewing with my second graders.  Next week they will be taking a district benchmark test. 

Click on the picture below for a free copy of plurals and number sense for second grade.
I read If I Were President  by Catherine Stier to my students.  This book does an excellent job explaining the responsibilites of the president.   It is written so young students can understand the job of the president.  A second grade standard is letter writing so my students had to write a letter to a friend and tell them whether they wanted to be president or not and give one reason.
Here are some simple books on American symbols with lots of great pictures and facts. 
Brain Pop Jr. has a great 5 minute video that explains the U.S. Symbols that I showed my students. They also have a short video on George Washington.  Below are some short YouTube videos.


Patriotic I Spy

My students love playing I Spy so I made a patriotic version of the game.  This week we have been learning about American symbols. My students always love learning about our county and presidents.  Click here for your free copy of I Spy.

President's Day Task Cards
2nd grade freebie
2nd grade task cards
President's Day in the classroom

President's Day art project

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Grammar Review Freebie

We only have a few months before it is time for my students to take the California Standards Test.  I have been busy reviewing with my students.  Every month I use my spiral reviews that are pictured below.  These Daily ELA Spiral Reviews are a great way to start the day with your second grade students! It is designed to help the students get extra practice and review grammar skills that have been taught in class and are on the standardized test.

The Spiral Reviews are designed to be cut in half to save on paper and copies.  Our district gives us very little school supplies.  I like to put math on one side and ELA on the other side.  My students do these reviews while I take attendance, lunch count, and check homework. 
Here is a grammar review sheet that you can use with your students.  Click on the picture for your free copy.  The adorable clip art is from Pink Cat Studio.
Happy Wednesday!

I Spy Math Problems

Here is a mixed math review for second grade.  You can either use it as a center or put the 12 math problems around the room and have students visit each problem.  There is a recording sheet for the students to record their answers.  It is a fun activity for the students and it gets them moving.  My students love this activity!  Thd cute borders are from Yvonne Dixon.

Click here for your free copy of I Spy Math Problems.
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