Counting Money Freebie

Some of my second graders are still struggling with counting money.  I made this counting money  Valentine center to give my students extra practice in counting money.  Click here for a copy of the Valentine's counting money freebie. 

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Daily Grammar Review for Second Grade

I finished my Daily Grammar Review for second grade. 

These daily grammar review sheets are a comprehensive review of the Common Core Standards for second grade.   They are a great way to make sure your students are getting daily spiral review of the written language conventions for Common Core. These printables are designed for students to practice and review essential skills.  It is a great supplement to your existing language arts program.

The skills covered in this packet are:
*verb agreement
                             *suffixes, prefixes, and base word
*alphabetical order
*reference materials
*quotation marks
*plural forms
*antonyms and synonyms
*vowel sounds

 Click on the picture below for a sample page.

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Antonym Freebie

I made this antonym center to use with my students.  Click on the picture for your free copy of the antonyms matching cards.  The cute penguin and bear clip art is from KPM Doodles.

Click on the picture below for a copy of the recording page.

Friday afternoon my students made these adorable penguin pictures.

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Antonyms and Synonyms

This week my second graders will be reviewing antonyms and synonyms.  We are in week 6 of our reading series which means lots of reviewing and writing with my students.  I am busy going through my files to see what I can use without having to create a bunch of new worksheets. 

Click on the picture for a free copy of antonyms and synonyms worksheets.

I also have a antonym and synonyms packet on TPT.
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Grade Level Flash Drive Giveaway

I am participating in a Flash Drive Giveaway hosted my Hilary at Rockin' Teacher Materials.  It is loaded with tons of great teaching materials!

Click on the image below to take you to the Flash Drive GIveaway.

I am giving away my second trimester Daily Math Warm Ups in the second grade giveaway.  Head on over to the Flash Drive Giveaway and check out all the wonderful prizes!

Winter Freebie

Here is a winter freebie to share with you. I am going to keep this post really short because I need to sort through a ton of papers.  I can't stand it when they pile up. 
Click on the picture below for the Snowman ABC order.
 Click on the picture below for the Winter Fun printable.
Click on the picture below for the  penguin ABC order.  Sorry that they are on three different downloads.

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Penguin Writing Paper and Word Bank Freebie

I still have one more week off before going back to school.  I have been busy making super sentence organizers and perfect paragraph organizers for my students. I also included a Penguin Word Bank to share with you. I adore penguins so we will be doing lots of writing about penguins when school resumes. 

Click on the picture below for My Super Sentence and My Perfect Paragraph penguin writing paper. 

Click on the picture below for a copy of the
 Penguin Word Bank.
Here is a book by Evan Moor that has step by step guided lessons to help students expand a simple sentence.

Write a Super Sentence

Here is a great four minute video on Emperor penguins.

Here is a cute penguin dance to do with your students by Jack Hartmann.  It reminds me of a song I use to sing with my kindergarten students called Johnny Works With One Hammer.  I can't wait to sing it with my students.
Here are some great penguin books for you classroom library. 
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Winter Writing Paper and Winter Word Bank

I try to have my students write as much as possible so I designed a winter word bank for my students to use along with a super sentence page.   Before winter break, we practiced writing with lots of detail.  I would write three simple sentences that made a very short story.  I modeled many times how to make it better and add detail.  Then I would give my students three simple sentences and they had to add more detail.  I gave them 10-15 minutes to write in their spiral notebook.  We took turns sharing our stories.  Everyone wanted to share because they were so proud of their stories! 

Here is an example that I wrote on the Board.

I went to the mountains.
I played in the snow.
It was fun.

This is what one of my students wrote.  The copy wasn't very dark so I typed it up.

One Saturday morning I went to the mountains with my big brother.  My brother and I made a fantastic snowman.  We gave him a carrot for a nose and rocks for the eyes, mouth,and buttons also sticks for the arms.  I had a marvolus,wonderful, and awesome time and I hope I can go again next month. ( I love how he spelled marvelous!)  By Mauricio

I made a winter word bank to share with you along with a winter writing paper.  Click on the picture for a free copy of the winter word bank and winter writing paper.

Click on the picture below for your free copy of
My Super Sentence. 

A great resource to use is Draw then Write book by Evan-Moor.  It helps students write a complete sentence.

If you are looking for reviews for grammar skills, check out my spiral reviews. This Daily ELA Spiral Review is a great way to start the day with your second grade students! It is designed to help the students get extra practice and review grammar skills that have been taught in class. I like these spiral reviews because they are on half sheets of paper and in black and white.  Many questions are formatted like the state test. Click on the picture and it will take you to my TPT store. 

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