New Year's Resolution

Happy New Year!!! I'm linking up with Jen over at Teacher's Cauldron about my New Year's resolutions.
1. I need to actually use my exercise DVDs!! I am great at buying them but never seem to have the time to use them on a regular basis. Here are a just few in my collection. Shhhhh, I won't tell you how many I actually have!

This walking DVD by Lesie Sansone is a simple one but good one. It gets your heart pumping without all those fancy moves. She has some DVDs where you use weights or stetching bands.

I love 10 Minute Solutions for toning. You use light hand weights to sculpt your arms. These are great workouts to fit into a busy schedule.
The FIrm is a really great workout! These women are like the energizer bunny!  They keep going and going.    Hard Core Fusion is a workout that will make you sweat. This is not for beginners.
 This DVD is a combination of cardio and strength workout to help burn fat and build muscle. I like this one because it consist of two 15-minute routines. This is also a great one to fit into a busy schedule.

2. Make the recipes that I have collected over the years. I love buying cookbooks and collecting recipes. The first recipe that I want to make is Beef Bourguignon. It uses a crockpot. Doesn't it look delicious? Click on the picture if you are interested in the recipe. I love the recipes on the blog called A Feast for the Eyes. I know this is a teaching blog, but I was thinking of posting my favorite recipes. What do you think?

3.  My last New Year's resolution is to eat more veggies.

Wishing you peace, love, and laughter in 2013!


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