Common Core Language Arts Spiral Review

In the morning while I take attendance I like to give my students a quick Common Core ELA spiral review and on the back I put a math spiral review that is aligned with the common core standards.  These are a designed to be a quick grammar review for second grade.  Click on the picture below to get my week 1 ELA spiral review for 2nd grade.

If you like these spiral reviews for grammar,  head on over to TeachersPayTeachers.

Silent e

This week we are reviewing silent e.  Some of my students are struggling with this concept so I introduced them to the Bossy E Song from Sounds Fun Phonics by Heidi Butkus.  These songs are great for teaching your students basic spelling patterns!!  My students love all of the songs on this DVD!!!

I also found a great powerpoint to go with silent e.  This powerpoint calls the silent e the sneaky e.

Here is a great video from YouTube called Super E.

The Electric Company has a video called Silent E.

Here are some long vowel games to reinforce the spelling patterns of the long vowels. 

Here are some  free worksheets for long and short vowels.  Just click on the picture to download.

Do you have a great way to teach the silent e?

Sneak a Peek Linky Party

There are so many wonderful items to buy on TeachersPayTeachers! 
Here are few items that I purchased.

This is a cute game for reinforcing the "ar" sound.

Great center for magic "e"!

Super anchor charts to go with my reading series.

Here is a great game for the students to play to learn the ou and ow dipthongs.

Great genre posters that I want to buy!

Did you do some shopping this weekend?
What was your favorite TpT Back 2 School Sale purchase?
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August Currently

Hi everyone!  Where did the summer go?  I start school next Thursday and I'm busy going to professional developments and trying to get my classroom ready.

Here is my August currently:

Thank you for hosting Farley!

Top 5 Teacher Must Haves

I want to share my top 5 resources that I use in my classroom.  I am linking up with Kelley from The Teacher Idea Factory and Rachelle from Life is Sweet.  


1.  Smart Board

2000i Rear Projection SMART Board photo.

I have had my Smart Board for only a few months but I absolutely love it!!  I don't know how I taught without it.  It is my all time favorite!  (By the way, the picture above is just an image I got off the internet--it is not me!)

 2. Paper cutter
My classroom is very far from the teacher's workroom.  I use my paper cutter daily.  I give my students spiral reviews on half sheets of paper since we are limited on copies and paper.

3. DIce    

I love these dice. Students are more motivated to play math games with these dice.  (There is actually a die within a die and the kids just love them.)

4. Electric pencil sharpener 

I tried the expensive pencil sharpeners and they don't last any longer than this one I purchased at
Sam's Club.

5. Plastic sheet protectors

I use these almost daily. I like these better than the small white boards. I put in a math frame or graphic organizer for the students to use. The math frames are changed almost daily to go with my lesson. I use them for guided practice and checking for understanding!
Thank you Kelley and Rachelle for hosting this Linky Party.