I use Heidi Song's to supplement my phonics program.  It is a system of teaching phonics through music and movement.  I bought the flashcards to go with the dvd.  The flashcards give the children a visual and kinesthetic cue to help them remember the sounds.  For second grade, I use her dvd called Sound Fun Phonics.  When I taught kindergarten, I used her sight word videos.  My students were able to read and spell the various sight words. 

Her songs are great and the students love singing them!

Phonics Spelling Patterns covered include:
Ai/Ay-Hooray, Ar-Pirate, Au/Aw-Caw, Ch-Choo Choo, Ea/Ee-Whee, Er/Ir/Ur-Tiger, Ew-Monster, Igh-Sailor, Ing-King, Ink-Pink Ink, Oa-Tummy Ache, Oi/Oy-Piggy, Oo-Monkey, Or-Dinosaur, Ou/Ow-Howl, Sh-Quiet Girl, Th-Blowing Raspberries, Unk-Skunk, plus these basic phonics rules: Bossy E, Magic Y, Vowel Walk


Emergent Readers

Even though this is a second grade blog, I had to make something for kindergarten. After all, I taught kindergarten for 18 years. I can still use this packet in my class because sometimes I get students that are new to our country and are learning the language. 

Click on the picture to get a copy.

Freebie Fridays

Tell Me More Linky Party

I'm linking up with  Step in to Second Grade with Amy Lemons to tell you a little about myself.

I love collecting recipes!!  There is no possible way that I will be able to make every recipe I have collected.  I enjoy cooking every type of cuisine.  My friends and family love it when I entertain.

I can't wait to watch the Big Bang Theory on Thursday nights.  I  started watching it last Thanksgiving and have watched every episode up to date. 

Season 2 Promo Pic.jpg

I am addicted to playing Words with Friends!

I adore Bon Jovi and love going to his concerts!  I have a picture of him as my screensaver.

Happy Monday!

Math Games

While I am working with small groups during math time, my students get to play math games after they finish their independent work.   I have been busy surfing the web and making math games for my classroom. 

Here are some math games I plan on using in my classroom this year.  There are 7 different set of cards with varying levels of difficulty.  Each set of cards comes with a recording sheet.  Click on the picture to go to my TPT store.

My students always struggle with missing addends.  I plan on using these flashcards to help them.  There are 8 sets of cards in this packet with separate recording pages.

Newbie Bloggers Blog Hop

I'm excited to be joining all the newbie bloggers by linking up with Grade Three is the Place for Me.

Here is what you have to share:

1.  what state you are in
2.  your current teaching position
3.  your teaching experience
4.  when you started blogging
5.  share a blogging tip / blogging resource

*  I live in Southern California.
*  I am currently teaching second grade.
* I taught kindergarten for 18 years and second grade for 6 years.
* I started blogging July 10, 2012.
*  You can find great blogging tips on Teaching Blog Addict and I teach.  What's your super power?


Versatile Blogger Award

Thank you Mona from First Grade Schoolhouse who nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award.  I am honored!

Versatile Blogger Award Rules:

1. Thank the blogger who nominated you.

2. Include a link to their site.

3. Include the award image in your post.

4. Give 7 random facts about yourself.

5. Nominate 15 other bloggers for the award.

6. When nominating, include a link to their site.

7 Random Facts About Me:

1.  I am addicted to playing Words with Friends.

2.  I absolutely LOVE chocolate!

3.  I love to cook.  I enjoy making every type of cuisine.  I even bought a kaffir lime tree so I would have lime leaves to make a Thai dish.

4.  I like to read.  I have been in a Book Club for 10 years with 9 wonderful ladies. 

5.  I enjoy swing dancing for great exercise. 

6.  I collect recipes.  Microsoft Office OneNote is a great way to organize them!

7.  Baking is my passion.

I nominate the following bloggers for The Versatile Blogger award:

Angela and Kelly at Glyph Girls

Mrs. McCumbee at Mrs. McCumbees's Class

Michelle at Fabulous in First

Brittany at Sweet Seconds

I hope you enjoy visiting these blogs!

Behavior Chart

I am starting to get things ready for the new school year.  Once in a while I need to put a student on a behavior plan.  I am sharing you the new forms that I plan on  using this year.  There are two reports--a daily report and a weekly report depending on what type of behavior plan you need to implement.  There is enough space on the form to use 2  numbers when marking behavior or work habits. Click on the picture below to get your copy.

Clip art courtesy of DJ Inkers.

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer vacation,


Liebster Award

I had a very nice surprise this morning!!    I received the Liebster Blog Award from Eileen from Second Grade Sunshine.  Thank your for this honor!  Now I am passing it along to five new bloggers with fewer than 200 followers. 

First:  Sweet Honey in 2nd. New blogger!  Go check her out! 

Second:  Sailing Second Grade Seas. Another new blogger to check out.  Stop by and give her some TLC. 

Third:  Strive to Sparkle--check out her cute buckets she decorated!

Fourth:  Still Teaching After All These Years. Check out her favorite picture books.

Fifth:  The Diary of a Teachaholic.  I love the name! 

Now, it's time for these bloggers to pass the award on to 5 other bloggers with less than 200 followers, link back to the blogger who gave the award and paste the award on to their blog. 

Thank you again Eileen for this award!  You made my day!


Must Have Picture Books Linky Party

Must Have Picture Books Linky Party

I love picture books!!  So, I am linking up with The Teacher Wife, to share some of my favorites. Click her button below to read other bloggers' top five or to join the party!

The Teacher Wife

1.  Big Al

Big Al is a big scary fish that wants to make friends.  He tries many things to make friends, but he is unsuccessful.  The other fish are afraid of him because he is big and scary-looking.  At the end of the story, Big Al makes friends by rescuing the fish. They realize what a nice fish he really is.

2.  The Kissing Hand

School is starting  but Chester Raccoon does not want to go. His mother shares a family secret called the Kissing Hand to give him the reassurance of her love any time he feels scared.

3.  Santa's Book of Names
Edwards has difficulty reading.  On Christmas Eve, Santa accidentally drops the all- important book listing the gifts children will receive.  Edward returns it to Santa and gets invited to join Santa.    Since Edward can't read, he just holds the book and turns pages.   Santa loses his glasses, so Edward has to help Santa by reading the list.  At the end, Edward can read!

4.  Charlie Anderson

This a great story for children of divorced parents.  Charlie is a cat with two homes. He lives in one home during the day and a different home at night.  The two sisters discover his other home one day when Charlie doesn't make it home.

5. The Real Tooth Fairy

Elise loses her first tooth and is determined to meet the tooth fairy.  She discovers her mother is the tooth fairy!  Later, her mother tells  her that the tooth fairy is someone you trust and know like your teacher, neighbor, or friend.

Antonyms and Synonyms

I am always using anchor charts in my classroom so students can us them as a reference.  Click on the picture to get your FREE copy.


Here are some FREE worksheets to go with your anchor charts.  This is a sample of my Sunny Synonyms Packet on TPT.  Click on the picture for your FREE copy.

If you need more worksheets on antonyms and synonyms, you may be interested in the packet below.

I made these to use doing my Universal Access Time.

Math Warm Ups

I have been busy making daily math warm ups for my classroom. These Daily Math Warm Ups are a great way to start the day with your second-grade students! These spiral math warm-ups are designed to help students get extra practice and review concepts that have been previously taught in class. 

The concepts covered in these Daily Math Warm Ups for 2nd grade includes:

-Base ten blocks
-Telling time to the hour and half hour
-Word problems
-Number Words
-Greater than, less than, and equal
-Before, after, and between
-Simple Algebra
-Counting money
-Simple addition and subtraction
-Adding 3 numbers
-Fact family
-Tally marks
-Ordering numbers
-Place value
-Adding and subtracting 2-digit numbers

Click on the picture to get a FREE sample of my Daily Math Warm Ups for second grade.  If you are interested in this, please visit my TPT store.

Math Spiral Review for second grade
Math Spiral Review for second grade

For the full packet of Daily Math Warm Ups for second grade, visit my TPT store by clicking on the picture below.

math reviews

Math Spiral Review for Second Grade

I've been busy making Math Spiral Reviews for my second graders. These daily Math Spiral Reviews are a great way to provide extra practice and review of all of the math skills taught in second grade. These daily Math Spiral Reviews will help your students  master the second grade standards and score high on state tests!  Many of the skills covered are based on the Common Core Standards.

The concepts covered in this Daily Math Spiral Review Week 1 for 2nd grade includes:

-Less than greater than
-Telling time to the hour and half hour
-Simple addition and subtraction
-Identifying coins
-Reading number words
-Before, after, and between
-Identifying numbers with base 10 blocks

I use them for morning work while I check homework and take attendance. I put math on one side and ELA on the back. They are designed to be cut in half. I will have another blog post soon for the ELA spiral review.

Click on the picture below to get your free Math Spiral Review Week 1.

First Post

Hello Everyone!  This is my first blog post and will be adding lots of information on second grade.   I hope to do this on a weekly basis. I will soon be adding photos and much more.

Hope you are having a great summer,