Five For Friday

I am joining Doodle Bugs Teaching for another Five for Friday.

I hate going to the gym so to get a good work out, I  have been taking Lindy Hop, Swing, and Latin dance class.  We have fun learning how to dance and have met many wonderful people in our dance classes.  We like to drive to Pasadena and Burbank from time to time and practice our new moves.  

I am so excited about my new blog design by Tenille Designs.  She did a wonderful job and I highly recommend her!   I love my new business cards for the TPT conference in Vegas next week.

This is our loft upstairs.  I have papers scattered all over the place!  I get it cleaned up somewhat and then I add more papers to the pile.  My goal is to get it all finished before my Vegas trip next week.  Wish me luck!

Our children are all grown up so now we have 2 furry children.  We spoil them by taking them for daily walks.  They especially like going to the place where there are ducks.  We love taking them to Lazy Dog for chicken and rice while we enjoy a meal.  They are always meeting new friends!  It is a great place for family and dogs!

After many request, I finally completed morning work for first grade.  Even though I teach second grade, I can always use it for some of my low students that haven't quite mastered the first grade skills but are in my second grade class.  You can click on the picture above for your FREE sample pages of my morning work for first grade or you can purchase it at my TPT store.  It is on sale for the next few days.

Favorite Things about Summer

Teaching Blog Addict Freebie Downloads

Teaching Blog Addict Freebie Downloads

I'm linking up with Teaching Trio for My Favorite Things.

During the school year we are always rushing around.  There is always so much too do and never enough time or energy.  This summer I am trying to relax and slow down.  As teachers, it is important to rest and recharge ourselves.  It is important to do things for ourselves such as relaxing with a cup of coffee, reading a book, or spending time at the beach.

I am not one to sit around for too long.  I have to be doing something productive.  After many requests, I  finally had the time to make a Third Grade Morning Work packet.  The first week covers the standards for second grade so your students can do it independently.  The second week it begins to increase in difficulty.  There is math and grammar skills on each page.  Click on the picture below for some FREE sample pages of the Third Grade Morning Work or you can go to my TPT store to purchase it.  It is on sale for the next few days.

What are your favorite things about summer?  I would love to read your comments!

Teaching Blog Addict Freebie Downloads

Makeover Madness Challenge

I am taking part in the TPT Seller Challenge for the week.  The first challenge is to take a product and update it.  I decided to update the covers of some of my first products that I put onto TPT which are my Math Warm-Ups for Second Grade.  I decided to keep the same clip art but make the covers simple and clean using different fonts.  If you go to my store and click on the previews, you can get a few sample pages to try out in your classroom.

Come join us in the TPT Challenge and link up with us!  I want to THANK these WONDERFUL ladies for putting this altogether!

Moby Max Tablet Giveaway

MobyMax is a great tool to use in the classroom.  My students are at various levels and MobyMax allows my students to work on the skills that they need to master.  MobyMax is a great tool for differentiating instruction based on the needs of the student.  The program targets the students' particular areas of weakness and assigns lessons to target each student's missing skill.  It is highly motivating because students can earn badges and game time.  

Every time my students earn a badge, they have to run and tell me because they are so excited!  If they earn a badge at home, they like to send me a message and tell me about their progress.

My student's love using the MobyMax tablet.  The want to stay in at recess to work on MobyMax. 

I highly recommend trying it out. Any teacher can register her students for FREE. You have a 30-day free trial which gives you access to placement tests, progress monitoring, badges, and much more.  An  account is available for $99 a year. A school license is $599 per year.  

Check out the amazing special they are having right now!

MobyMax is letting me giveaway a tablet!  

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If You Give a Teacher A Gift Card

This time of the year teachers are swamped with work and have so much to do!  Its seems like there is never enough hours in a day to get it all done.  There are assessments to be given, papers to be graded,  IEPs to attend, planning for instruction, and getting our rooms ready for Open House.  The list is endless.

The bloggers from iTeachSecond know how hard you work so we are having an amazing giveaway!  We want to show you that YOU are appreciated!

We want to know if you give a teacher a gift card, what will she get?  I am going to share my ideas with you.
I have been in a book club for about 12 years.  We meet once a month to enjoy dinner and good conversation.  This was a book I was suppose to read a few months ago but was too busy to read it.  Everyone in the book club enjoyed it so I want to read it this summer.

For those days that you feel like splurging on a treat for yourself.

This is the best foot cream to keep your feet soft and smooth!  It is a little pricey but worth every penny.  

Here is a dictionary that I want to purchase for my students.  It is by Fluttering Through First Grade.

Most of my students need to work on listening skills.  Here is another great product created by Fluttering Through First Grade.   Click on the preview to get a sample listening exercise.
  Now it is time for you to enter the giveaway!  Click the picture below so you can enter the rafflecopter.  Remember to enter all four giveaways!  Winners will be announced on May 3rd.
iTeach Second
How would you spend your gift cards?  Please tell me in the comments.  

FIve For Friday


Happy Friday!  I am linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for my Five for Friday post. 

We released our butterflies today.  The kids loved watching the metamorphosis process.  

We learned many things about butterflies from a PowerPoint I purchased from My Happy Place.  It is filled with beautiful pictures and tons of information.  Click on the picture below to check it out. 

This week we are learning about shapes.  My students are making interactive notebooks that I purchased from Mrs. Olson's Lucky Little Learners.  I highly recommend her interactive notebooks!

I am part of a collaborative blog called I Teach Second.  It has many great ideas, tips, and resources from many second grade teachers.  I recently blogged about Win-It Wednesday.  
Head on over to enter my Daily Practice Giveaway.  

Every evening I check my e-mails and feedback from TPT.  One mother from North Carolina sent me this lovely e-mail that really made my day!  It is so nice when people take the time to thank a person. It's nice to know that we make a difference.

Now to relax with a good book!