Breakout Box for March

I wanted to do something fun and challenging with my students so I purchased 4 toolboxes with various types of locks to make my own breakout boxes.  It was a little expensive so I suggest getting some teachers to split the cost with you.  I highly recommend doing this type of activity with your students.   My students were so excited and engaged in the activity!  

I used the welcome letter from Breakout Edu. You can read more about breakout boxes here.  It is free to sign up at Breakout Edu and they have many free breakout games for various age groups.  

Here is the timer you can use for your breakout.


Here is a breakout video to tell you all about them.  I changed the tasks for my classroom that I explained below.


The first task my students had to complete was to sort the adjectives by texture, size, color, and shape.  They counted the number in each category and that was the number to unlock the first lock.   I purchased the shamrocks and wrote adjectives on them.  I did not want to spend the time cutting and laminating shamrocks.   This number was for the 4-digit combination lock.  Click here for the adjective sort recording sheet.  

The next lock was a directional lock.  They had to complete the maze to get the code for the directional lock.  I had previously explained to them how to clear the lock in case they didn't get it open on the first attempt.  One group could not get this lock unlocked.  I finally had to have someone from another team help them.   Click here for the maze.

The next task was to find all the words in the St. Patrick's Day word search.  Once they completed the word search, I gave them a black light flashlight to find the word that I had highlighted with an invisible ink pen.  They used the flashlight to discover the word MONEY which was the code to unlock the next lock.  Click here for your FREE copy of the word search.

The last lock had a key hidden in the classroom.  They had to solve the mystery code so they would know where to look to find the hidden key.  I hid the key in a different hiding place for each group.  Click here for the alphabet.
They found chocolate gold coins hidden in the box.  If you can't find gold coins, you can use any type of candy that has a gold wrapper.  My students are excited to do this activity again next month.  

Join the Facebook Breakout EDU for elementary teachers for additional help and ideas.

Below is an affliate link for the items that I purchase from Amazon.
Wordlock PL-004-BK 5-Dial Combination Padlock,

 Black Master Lock 1500iD Speed Dial Combination Lock, Assorted Colors Master Lock 120Q 

Solid Brass Body Padlock, 3/4-Inch Wide Body, 5/32-Inch Shackle Diameter, 4-Pack Findway 5 UV 

Ultra Violet Blacklight 9 LED Flashlight Torch Light Outdoors Novelty Place [Spy Pen] Invisible 

Ink Pen with Built-in UV Light - Magic Marker For Drawing, Secret Message Writing, Currency 

Checking, Security Marking (Pack of 4) Master Lock 421 Lockout Hasp with Vinyl Coated Handle, 

1-1/2" Inside Jaw Diameter HT®The Ultimate 4 Digit Combination Padlock Set - Set Your Own(Not TSA Approved Lock) (Blue)

 Stanley 016011R Series 2000 16-Inch Tool Box

Read Across America Ideas & Freebies

Today I was busy printing and laminating math centers for Read Across America.  My students go to these math centers when they finish their work early.  

Read Across America Math Centers

I am going to give my students these bookmarks.  I have them laminated and in my school bag.  You can get your FREE copy from Primary Chalkboard by clicking here.

Here is a measurement freebie from Regina Davis from Fairy Tales and Fiction.

My students love directed drawings from Art for Kids Hub plus it gives me a little break from talking.  


School is A Happy Place has this adorable birthday cat.  Click on the picture for your FREE copy.

Here is a 3-digit addition and subtraction freebie for you to use in your class.  If your students are like mine, we need to constantly review these skills so they don't forget how to do it.

Here is a free spiral review that is great for morning work or homework.  It covers many second grade standards such as counting money, telling time, 3-digit addition &subtraction, plurals, and dividing words into syllables.

Valentine's Day Art Project & A Freebie

My students are having a blast painting and getting our room decorated for February.  They love it when I put up their artwork!  I like to have the students do real art and let them express themselves.

This was a two day process.  First we painted a heart inside a square with a border. They looked pretty plain before they added the details.

 The second day they added squiggly lines, zigzags, and dots.  I love the how they turned out!

Here is a Valentine's Day freebie from my TPT store.  Click on the picture to grab it.

Snowman Activities and Freebies

I love doing snowman activities even though I teach in Southern California.   I am lucky to get a view of the snow-capped mountains from my classroom.

My students enjoy painting. First, we practice drawing our snowman.  After a few tries, we are ready to use permanent marker.  The eyes and mouth is colored in with the permanent marker. We used kids paint with glitter for the scarf and the headband on the hat.  Everything looks better with a little glitter!  Then we used watercolors for the rest of our pictures.

We are reviewing 2-digit addition and subtraction since we have been out of school for 3 weeks.  My students have fun completing the riddles.  I love it when they start to laugh at the answers.  

My students love little books.  It feels more special to them when it is in a book rather than a single worksheet--not to mention there is less clutter in their desk.  This Winter Fun book reviews math and language arts skills needed for second grade.  

Spiral review for second grade

Here are some winter math centers that my students enjoy playing after they complete their math.  It is a great way to review math skills and see who needs extra help.

Missing Addends

Pinterest is a great place for ideas.  You can get step by step directions from A Girl and a Boy blog.

Follow me on Pinterest for more ideas and freebies.

Fall Math Centers

This is a beautiful time of year with the leaves changing colors and the weather getting cooler.  I am going to share with you some fall activities that I do with my students.

I read many books to my students about fall. One of my favorite one books to read is Animals in Fall by Martha E. H. Rustad.  This is an excellent book that describes what animals do to prepare for winter.
Why Do Leaves Change Colors is another great nonfiction book for students.  It gives a detailed explanation on how leaves change colors.

My students work on skip counting, missing addends, and adding 3 numbers for math centers.  It is a great way to help students retain these math skills and gives me a chance to work with students.
Scarecrow activities

 They also play Three in a Row or Roll & Cover to help them memorize math facts.

Dice games for second grade

My students need constant review to remember the skills that I have taught them.  Fall Fun has both math and grammar skills in it.  My students love having their own little book and are so eager to work in it.  You can purchase the math centers and Fall Fun booklet in my TPT store.
Fall math

My students love doing directed drawing by Art for Kids Hub.

Click on the picture below for your FREE copy of place value for second grade.
Fall math for second grade
Do you need more math for fall?  Check out my math packet here.